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Cover; click to enlarge The Database Book: Principles & Practice Using the Oracle Database
by Narain Gehani & Melliya Annamalai
ISBN 978-0-929306-44-5
408 pages, Hardcover
$79.95 (US Dollars)
Author Bios: Gehani, Annamalai

Learn how to use and design databases, make them hum, sing, and dance, and understand what makes them tick. A database is like an appliance that users need to understand and use as experts but they do not need to understand how to build the appliance. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of database principles and practice. The author teaches databases without burdening the reader with theorems and internal algorithms and methods used to implement database systems. The Oracle database system is used for the examples.


  • Professors who want to teach students database concepts and practice so that they become proficient and knowledgeable users.
  • Database users, programmers, computer scientists, and students who want to understand database concepts and practice.
  • Libraries who want to provide their readers a database that teaches conceptual and practical details and is at the same time easy to read.


    • Databases
    • The Everest Books Database
    • Relational Databases (Oracle Flavor)
    • Manipulating The Database
    • Database Design
    • SQL
    • The PL/SQL Programming Language
    • Transactions
    • Constraints
    • Triggers
    • Objects
    • Indexes
    • Views
    • Spatial Databases
    • Unstructured & XML Data
    • Security
    • Logs & Recovery
    • Replication
    • Tuning
    • Database APIs
    • Importing & Exporting Data
    • Bibliography
    • Glossary
    • Index

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