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XML Technologies
Narain Gehani

Publication Date: 2002
Price: $245.00 (US Dollars)
ISBN 0-929306-22-8
Number of Pages: 44
Author Bios: Gehani

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XML Technologies: What, Why, & How

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language for defining the syntax and semantics of structured data. XML is simple to understand. But complexity arises as a result of the numerous domain (industry) specific dialects of XML that are being designed and standardized, and other dialects focused on making XML an even more powerful data description language.

The use of XML is spreading rapidly in a wide variety of application domains giving rise to domain (industry) specific dialects of XML. Using an XML framework will not only reduces costs, but, more importantly, it will be the accepted way of exchanging data between applications, between corporations, and perhaps within applications themselves.

With the increasing popularity of XML, corporations will find it increasingly necessary to use XML (and its dialects) as the lingua franca for describing and exchanging data. Corporations will have to ensure that their processes, such as procurement and sales, are XML enabled, that they can generate, accept, and process XML documents such as RFPs (request for proposals), that their products and applications can import and export XML data, and so forth. XML interfaces will be needed for product interoperability and for enabling enterprise systems to access Web (electronic) services.

This report gives a deep overview of XML technologies (XML plus dialects, and related facilities) to facilitate and help in making XML-related decisions.

Value Proposition

Senior Executives, Managers, and Professionals

  • Get a deep overview of XML and XML dialects, advantages and disadvantages, open issues, standards, etc.
  • Understand the role XML and XML dialects can play in an en-terprise.
  • Understand the forces pushing enterprises to use XML and XML dialects.
  • Make decisions about using XML and XML dialects in company products and services, and internal projects.
  • Effectively manage XML related projects.
  • Understand the advantages of enabling products with XML
  • VCs, Investors, Business Groups

  • Get a good understanding of XML and XML dialects.
  • Get information to faster screen companies building products based on XML and XML dialects.
  • Reduce research effort required to understand technologies and products based on XML and XML dialects.


  • Focuses on technology as opposed to market analysis and industry trends.
  • Discusses broader XML picture by discussing, besides XML, XML dia-lects, tools, infrastructure facilities, etc.
  • Presents information in a quickly "digestible" form, which would oth-erwise require long hours reading documents, books, or the Web documents.
  • Points to appropriate additional resources.

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