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About Silicon Press

Silicon Press is a privately held book and technology publishing company. We publish

  • books (computer, non-fiction, and fiction),
  • technology briefs, and
  • technology reports.
Technology briefs are two or three page technology overviews. We provide them free to our readers.

Technology reports provide an in-depth technical overview, somewhere between a book and a technical standards document and are specially aimed at

  • decision makers such as executives, managers, professionals, VCs, and investors, who want to understand the technology quickly but will not themselves be immersed day to day in the technical details, and
  • potential users of technology.
with the aim of providing a relative painless way of understanding the important facets of technology.

Custom Technology Reports

We also undertake to produce technology reports on specific technologies for corporations. Please send email to

with detailed information about the topic of interest and contact information.


We invite proposals from potential authors for writing books or technology reports. Please send your proposals to

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