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M. S. Sriram

Publication Date: 2002
Price: $245.00 (US Dollars)
ISBN 0-929306-23-6
Number of Pages: 42
Author Bios: Sriram

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Corporate networks today face frequent serious threats from hackers. Unauthorized access to networks can result in substantial business losses arising from theft, destruction or corruption of corporate data, or from damage to the network. Consequently, network security is key to business integrity and, in some cases, business survival. Firewalls represent the first line of defense against network attacks.

In this report, the author discusses the importance of firewalls, how firewalls work and how they are used. The author then describes the different types of firewalls, how they are deployed in a network, the protection they offer, and their relationship to other network components. Next the author discusses how to select, deploy, administer, and maintain a firewall solution. This is followed by an examination of the vulnerabilities and limitations of firewalls and a discussion of issues related to selecting a firewall. The goal of this report is to help make the decision maker conversant with firewall technologies and issues to facilitate and help in making decisions relating to firewalls and network security.

Value Proposition

Senior Executives, Managers, and Professionals

  • Get a deep overview of firewalls, advantages and disadvantages of different firewall configurations, etc.
  • Understand the role firewalls can play in enterprise security.
  • Get an understanding of firewall vulnerabilities and limita-tions.
  • Make decisions about firewalls in company networks, depart-ments, mergers, etc.
  • Effectively manage firewall selection and deployment, and net-work security.
  • VCs, Investors, Business Groups

  • Get a good understanding of firewall technology.
  • Screen faster companies building firewalls and other security products.
  • Reduce research effort required to understand firewall and se-curity technologies and products.


  • Focuses on technology as opposed to market analysis and industry trends.
  • Discusses broader firewall picture by discussing both firewall tech-nology and different firewall deployment architectures.
  • Presents information in a quickly "digestible" form, which would oth-erwise require long hours reading documents, books, or the Web documents.
  • Points to appropriate additional resources.

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