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Cover; click to enlarge C: An Advanced Introduction (ANSI C Edition)
by Narain Gehani
ISBN 0-929306-17-1
280 pages, Paperback
$39.95 (US Dollars)
Author Bios: Gehani

An introduction to ANSI C for advanced programmers. Topics covered include types, type definitions, operators, statements, functions, data abstraction, preprocessor, exceptions, library functions, and a comparison between ANSI C & K&R C. Briefly describes C++ & Concurrent C.


  • Introduction and Basics
  • Types and Objects
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Control Flow
  • Functions and Complete Programs
  • Independent Compilation and Data Abstraction
  • Exceptions
  • The C Preprocessor
  • One Final Example
  • Appendix A: C++
  • Appendix B: Concurrent C
  • Appendix C: Library Routines
  • Appendix D: Differences between ANSI C and K&R C
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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