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Kerala Cooking

Rice Dishes

Lime Rice Coconut Rice Yogurt Rice Fried Rice
Eggplant Rice Vegetable Rice Goat Biryani Dosa

Vegetable Dishes

Fried Eggplant Green Beans with Coconut Spinach Stir-fry Fried Okra
Pineapple with Coconut Green Mango in Coconut Sauce Drumstick & Green Mango in Cocnumt Sauce Green Plantains in Yogurt & Coconut Sauce

Fish Dishes
Shallots with Coconut Fish in Coconut Sauce Red Fish Curry Salmon with Tomatoes
Bass Steamed In Banana Leaves Shrimp in Coconut Sauce Clam Stir-fry Mussels in Spicy Sauce

Meat & Poultry Dishes

Chicken in Coconut Sauce Chicken in Pepper Sauce Beef Stew Beef with Spices
Pork with Spices Pork Vindaloo Duck in Spicy Sauce Spicy Eggs with Tomatoes

Lentil, Pea, & Bean Dishes

Yellow Lentils with Spinach Black Beans with Tomatoes Green Plantain With Split Bengal Gram Split Pigeon Peas With Vegetables
Spicy Lentil Soup Split Pigeon Peas & Vegetables in Mild Coconut Sauce Lentil Patties Fried Donut-shaped Lentil Patties


Steamed Plantains Donut-shaped Lentil Patties In Yogurt Coconut-filled Pancake Vermicelli Pudding

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