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Cover; click to enlarge Document Formatting & Typesetting on the UNIX System (2/E)
by Narain Gehani (AT&T Bell Laboratories)
ISBN 0-9615336-2-5
390 pages, Hardcover
$79.95 (US Dollars)
Author Bios: Gehani

The more I read ... the more impressed I was with the book. ... I highly recommend this book ... -- Phil Hughes in IEEE Software

Best selling book that discusses in detail the UNIX System document formatting facilities. One chapter each is devoted to specifying the document format (MM), specify- ing tables (TBL), figures (PIC), and equations (EQN). Other chapters summarize the UNIX system formatter TROFF and the WRITER'S WORKBENCHú. Contains several MM templates for preparing a variety of docu- ments such as books.


  • Introduction
  • Specifying The Document Format
  • Specifying Tables
  • Specifying Figures
  • Specifying Formulas (Equations)
  • troff/nroff - The Formatters
  • Example Document Templates
  • Appendix A: More Document Formatting Tools
  • Appendix B: Document Formatting Commands
  • Appendix C: Some Font Samples
  • Glossary
  • Annotated Bibliography

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