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Cover; click to enlarge C For Basic Programmers
by T. D. Brown, Jr.
ISBN 0-9615336-1-7
210 pages, Paperback
$34.95 (US Dollars)

This book is written especially for fluent BASIC programmers interested in learning C. Discusses several BASIC programs and the corresponding C programs in detail, the C counterparts of BASIC facilities, C facilities for which there are no BASIC counterparts, and BASIC facilities for which there are no C counterparts. Contains numerous examples.


  • Introduction
  • BASIC Facilities Present in C and Vice Versa
  • C Facilities not in BASIC
  • Functions & Files
  • Pointers
  • C PreProcessor
  • Large Examples
  • BASIC Facilities Not in C
  • Appendix 1: C Library Functions
  • ASCII Character Set
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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