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Cover; click to enlarge Concurrent C
by Narain Gehani & William D. Roome (AT&T Bell Laboratories)
ISBN 0-929306-00-7
310 pages, Paperback
$49.95 (US Dollars)
Author Bios: Gehani, Roome

... the book is a model of how a new language should be pre- sented and I can strongly recommend it to anyone interested in this area of programming -- B. Heal in ACM Computing Reviews

Concurrent C (Concurrent C++) is the latest development in the evolution of C! Concurrent C is a superset of C (& C++) that provides parallel programming facilities such as those for declaring & creating processes, for process synchronization, interaction, termination, & abortion. Concurrent C, as a compile-time option, also works with C++ thus combining concurrent programming and object-oriented programming facilities. The authors of Concurrent C explain Concurrent C, its run-time facilities, & Concurrent C++; they discuss issues in concurrent programming & compare Concurrent C with Ada tasking. The authors give many real & large examples including Concurrent Make. Book also contains the Concurrent C reference manual.


  • Basics
  • Advanced Facilities
  • Run-time Environment
  • Large Examples
  • Concurrent C++
  • Concurrent Programming Models
  • Concurrent Programming Issues
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Appendix A: Concurrent C Reference Manual
  • Appendix B: Concurrent C: Design and Implementation
  • Appendix C: Comparison with Conc. Programming in Ada
  • Appendix D: C: A Synopsis
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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