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Silicon Press Partner Program:
How To Create Partner Links

Creating General Links

When your site is accepted, we will give you a partner ID. To create a general link to our web site, use the HTML below with the following substitions:

  1. Replace YOUR-ID with your ID.
  2. If you prefer, replace the image "imagelib30/logo-T.gif" with another image from our gallery. Be sure to change the height and width appropriately.
    <a href="">
    <img src=""
    	border=0 alt="Silicon Press" width=38 height=33></a>
That HTML will create a link like this: Silicon Press

You can also use simple text links, if you prefer.

Testing Links

To verify that your partner link works enter it into your browser and verify that you get the Silicon Press home page. Then click on the "All Books" link, or on any of the links on the left. The url for the new page should end in ".php?P=YOUR-ID". If it does not -- for example, if it just ends in ".html" -- then you didn't enter your Partner ID correctly, and you will not get any credit for orders placed via that link.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Be sure you have an upper case P before the equals sign.
  • Use ".php" instead of ".html".

Creating Product Links

To create a link to a specific Silicon Press product -- a book, a technical report, or a technical brief -- click on your general partner link, and then navigate to the main page for that product. That's the page that ends in "index.php?P=YOUR-ID". You can use that url to direct users to that product.

The product page URLs have the following format:

Reports: /reports/isbn.#############/index.php?P=YOUR-ID
Books: /books/isbn.#############/index.php?P=YOUR-ID
Briefs: /briefs/brief.#############/index.php?P=YOUR-ID


  • If we need to change the URLs of the product pages described above, we will give you sufficient warning to update your links.
  • We do not recommend that you create links to other Silicon Press pages. Such links might work for now, but we reserve the right to change any other URLs without notice.

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