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Cover; click to enlarge From Gates to Apps
by Edward G. Amoroso & Matthew E. Amoroso
ISBN 978-0-929306-53-7
183 pages, Paperback
$29.95 (US Dollars)

Young programmers today need a more extensive understanding of computer systems than ever before. With this goal in mind, From Gates to Apps provides a comprehensive introduction to the most basic concepts, principles, and constructs of computer science. Specifically, readers can use this book for
  • An in-depth explanation of underlying computer hardware
  • Detailed discussion of machine and assembly language coding
  • Learning about the most common programming language constructs
  • Tutorial overview of operating systems including UNIX and Windows
  • Design of networks, Internet, and mobile applications


    • Binary Numbers
    • Hexadedimal Numbers
    • Logic Gates: NOT Gate
    • AND and OR Gates
    • Combining Gates
    • SR-Latch
    • Binary Adders
    • Model of a Computer
    • CPU Design
    • Loading and Storing
    • Jumping Logic
    • Branching Logic
    • Stack PUSH and POP
    • Visual Display
    • Logs & Recovery
    • Interrupts
    • Program Translation
    • Constants, Variables, Types
    • Arrays
    • Conditionals and Loops
    • Algorithms
    • Sorting and Searching
    • Subroutines
    • Arguments
    • Syntax and Grammar
    • Software Engineering
    • Operating Systems
    • Time Sharing and Multiprocessing
    • Semaphores and Synchronization
    • Windows and UNIX
    • Databases
    • Cryptography
    • Networks
    • Packets and the Internet
    • Mobile Apps
    • Index

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