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ISBN 0-9615336-6-8
320 pages, Spiral Binding
$39.95 (US Dollars)

Official reference document describing the ANSI standard Ada Programming Language. The Ada language is a mod- ern programming language developed specially for writing readable, reliable, portable, modular, maintainable, and efficient programs. This is the final document for resolving questions about Ada. A must for every Ada programmer and for Ada compiler writers.


  • Introduction
  • Lexical Elements
  • Declarations and Types
  • Names and Expressions
  • Statements
  • Subprograms
  • Packages
  • Visibility Rules
  • Tasks
  • Program Structure & Compilation Issues
  • Exceptions
  • Generic Units
  • Representation Clauses and Implementation-Dependent Features
  • Input-Output
  • Annex Predefined Language Attributes
  • Annex Predefined Language Pragmas
  • Annex Predefined Language Environment
  • Appendix Glossary
  • Appendix Syntax Summary
  • Appendix Implementation-Dependent Characteristics
  • Index

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