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Cover; click to enlarge Software Development in Java
by Sartaj Sahni & Raj Kumar
ISBN 0-929306-26-0
465 pages, Paperback
$49.95 (US Dollars)
Author Bios: Sahni, Kumar

Software Development in Java is a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of software development. The authors discuss software engineering processes such as problem specification, modularization, aesthetic programming, stepwise refinement, testing, verification, and documentation. These processes, alone, are not sufficient to enable one to develop top quality software. In addition, software developers must understand performance analysis and measurement methods as well as make choices between various data structures and algorithms. Software Development in Java also covers these topics. The authors use the Java programming language to teach software development and for the many illustrative examples.

Software Development in Java is appropriate for use as a textbook for courses on good software development, introduction to computer science, and advanced programming. It is also a valuable reference book for the experienced programmer. It contains many exercises and references for further reading. Most importantly, the book discusses in detail a wide range of topics essential for good software development. Software Development in Java is a must for software developers.


  • Chapter 1: Software Development
  • Chapter 2: Specification
  • Chapter 3: Design
  • Chapter 4: Modularization
  • Chapter 5: Aesthetic Programs
  • Chapter 6: Defensive Programming
  • Chapter 7: Stepwise Refinement
  • Chapter 8: Program Correctness
  • Chapter 9: Testing
  • Chapter 10: Performance Analysis
  • Chapter 11: Performance Measurement
  • Chapter 12: Data Structures
  • Chapter 13: Advanced Data Structures
  • Chapter 14: Algorithm Design Methods
  • Appendix A: Curve Fitting
  • Index

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