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Cover; click to enlarge C++ Programmer's Companion: Input/Output Facilities
by R. S. Jones
ISBN 0-929306-14-7
170 pages, Paperback
$32.95 (US Dollars)

C++ input/output (I/O) facilities are powerful but complex. Book contains a detailed discussion, with numerous examples, of standard streams & their use, new streams, string streams, I/O for user-defined types, manipulators, & the various stream classes. Also discusses C I/O facilities provided by C++ compilers for upward compatibility.


  • Introduction
  • Stream Input and Output
  • Stream Classes
  • New Streams
  • Input/Output for User-Defined Types
  • Manipulators
  • String Streams
  • Stream Buffers
  • C Input/Output Facilities
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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