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Cover; click to enlarge Programming Distributed Systems
by H. Bal (Vrije Universiteit)
ISBN 0-929306-05-8
290 pages, Paperback
$32.95 (US Dollars)

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Distributed Computing Systems
    • Classes of Distributed Applications
    • Requirements for Distributed Programming Support
    • Languages for Distributed Programming Support
    • Overview of our Research
  • Distributed Programming Without Language Support
    • Operation System Support for Distributed Programming
    • A Case Study: The Amoeba Distributed Operating System
    • Parallel Branch and Bound on Amoeba
    • Parallel Alpha-Beta Search on Amoeba
    • Evaluation
  • Language Support for Distributed Programming
    • Parallelism
    • Interprocess Communication and Synchronization
    • Partial Failure
  • Languages for Programming Distributed Systems
    • Languages with Logically Distributed Address Spaces
    • Languages with Logically Shared Address Spaces
    • Evaluation
    • Conclusions
  • The Shared Data-Object Model
    • Design Alternatives
    • Sharing Data for Distributed Systems
    • A New Model Based on Logically Shared Data
    • A Language Based on the Shared Data-object Model
  • Implementation
    • Assumptions about the Execution Environment
    • Compiler and Run Time System
    • Management of Shared Data-Objects
    • Management of Processes
    • Management of Data Structures
    • Implementation of the Compiler
    • Implementations of the Run Time System
  • Example Programs and their Performance
    • Notes on the Performance Measurement
    • Matrix Multiplication
    • The All-Pairs Shortest Path Problem
    • Branch-and-Bound
    • Game Tree Search
    • Successive Overrelaxation
    • A Chess Problem Solver
    • Discussion
  • Conclusions
    • Evaluation of Research Goals
    • Conclusions and Future Research
  • Appendix A: Matrix Multiplication
  • Appendix B: The All-pairs Shortest Path Problem
  • Appendix C: The Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Appendix D: Alpha-Beta Search
  • Appendix E: Successive Overrelaxation
  • Appendix F: Performance of the Orca Programs
  • Appendix G: Performance of the C/Amoeba Programs
  • Index

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