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Cover; click to enlarge X Toolkit - Intrinsics & Athena Widgets
by McCormack, Asente, Swick, & Weissman
ISBN 0-929306-04-X
350 pages, Paperback
$32.95 (US Dollars)

The X Toolkit (X11 Release 4) consists of the Intrinsics and the Athena widgets. The Intrinsics provide the base mechanisms for simplifying the design of user interfaces. The first part of the book is about the Intrinsics - C language interface. This is intended for the application programmer using widgets built with the Intrinsics and for the widget programmer building widgets. The second part is for users of the Athena widget set, a cohesive set of predefined widgets built using the Intrinsics. This document is part of the official X documentation.


  • Intrinsics and Widgets
  • Widget Instantiation
  • Composite Widgets & Their Children
  • Shell Widgets
  • Pop-Up Widgets
  • Geometry Management
  • Event Management
  • Callbacks
  • Resource Management
  • Translation Management
  • Utility Functions
  • Non-widget Objects
  • Evolution of the Intrinsics
  • Appendix A - Resource File Format
  • Appendix B - Translation Table Syntax
  • Appendix C - Conversion Notes
  • Appendix D - Standard Errors and Warnings
  • Appendix E - StringDefs.h Header File
  • Index

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