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Cover; click to enlarge XLIB - C Language X Interface
by Gettys, Scheifler, and Newman
ISBN 0-929306-03-1
300 pages, Paperback
$32.95 (US Dollars)

Reference guide for Xlib, the standard C language interface to X (X11 Release 4). Xlib defines an extensive set of functions for accessing and controlling the display, windows, and input devices. This book provides a detailed description of each Xlib function and appropriate background information. This document is part of the official X documentation.


  • Introduction to Xlib
  • Display Functions
  • Window Functions
  • Window Information Functions
  • Graphics Resource Functions
  • Graphic Functions
  • Window Management Functions
  • Events and Event Handling Functions
  • Inter-Client Communication Functions
  • Application Utility Functions
  • Appendix A: Xlib Functions and Protocol Requests
  • Appendix B: X Font Cursors
  • Appendix C: Extensions
  • Appendix D: Compatibility Functions
  • Glossary
  • Index

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